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LOCATION: 12040 Riverwood Drive - Burnsville, MN 55337

HOURS: 7 Days a week 10a - 8p


frequently asked questions

How old do I need to be to work in the shop?
You need to be 18 years of age to work in the shop or take a class by yourself. Anyone as young as 12 can use the shop or take a class as long as you have parental supervision.

Can I bring in and work on recycled lumber?

Yes . . . to a degree. You are more than welcome to build projects using recycled lumber, but you cannot run reclaimed lumber through our planer, jointer, table saw, or wide-belt sander. The reason is that there are usually foreign metal objects in recycled lumber (nails, bullets, wire, etc.) and if those objects hit the blades on our tools, they ruin the blade. Even if it looks like there is nothing in the piece, we can almost guarantee that there is something metal somewhere in the board.



Do I need a reservation to use a tool in the shop?

All of our tools are on a first come first serve basis. We have multiples of most the tools in our shop, so there is typically no waiting for a tool. With that said, if you have scheduled a one-on-one, we will make sure the necessary tools are available to finish your project.

Can I put a finish on my project?

As long as the finish is water based, and you're applying it by hand, you may do so at American Workshop. We don’t allow any spraying of any type of finish at our shop.

Can I store my project at American Workshop?

Yes, you can. If you are in the process of building your project at American Workshop, you may keep it for free in our bullpen area. If you have lumber that you need to store, we have storage available for $3 per day or $35 per month.


Terms of Service

All machinery, equipment, and apparatus designed for woodworking shall be used at the member's sole risk. Member understands that the agreement to use methods and types of equipment shall be member's entire responsibility, and that American Workshop, LLC shall not be liable to member for any claims, demands, injuries, damages, or actions arising due to injury to member's person or property arising out of or in connection with the use by member of the services, facilities, and premises of the American Workshop, LLC. Member hereby holds American Workshop, LLC, its officers, owners, agents, and employees harmless from all claims which may be brought against them by member or on member's behalf for any such injuries or claims. American Workshop will provide a equipped facility. American Workshop and facilities may be unavailable during a period of repair and maintenance or special events, programs or private parties, or by management’s schedule for these events. In order to keep the facility in the best possible condition a portion of American Workshop may be closed for a temporary time period for repairs and renovations. There will be no adjustment in dues for this period of closure.
The member warrants and represents that the member or any family member or guest entitled to use the facilities of American Workshop under the terms of membership, has no disability, impairment, in under the influence of substance (legal or illegal), or ailment preventing him/her from engaging in active or passive participation, or that will be detrimental or adverse to such person’s health, safety, or physical condition if the he/she does so engage or participate. The member acknowledges and agrees that 1) American Workshop will rely on the foregoing warranty in issuing the membership; 2) American Workshop shall have no obligation to perform an assessment or similar testing to determine the member’s physical or mental condition; 3) if any assessment or similar testing is performed by American Workshop, it is solely for the purpose of providing comparative data with which the shop can track progress in a program and is not for diagnostic purposes. 4) American Workshop shall not be subject to any claim, demand, or injury whatsoever on account of American Workshop’s evaluation or interpretation of such assessment or similar test. 5) American Workshop shall not be liable for any injury arising out of the member’s disability, impairment, influence of substance (legal or illegal), or ailment preventing him/her from engaging in active or passive participation, or that would be detrimental or adverse to such person’s health, safety or physical condition if he/she does so engage or participate. Each member and guest should be aware of his/her medical history and should consult with a physician prior to engaging in participation or continuing to participate if a medical condition develops or appears to be developing. 
Each member of American Workshop shall be liable for any property damage and/or personal injury (caused by the member, member’s family, guest or any other person) at American Workshop or any activity or function operated, arranged or sponsored by American Workshop. It shall be the obligation of the member to pay for any costs involved upon presentation of a statement thereof. Any and all use of American Workshop facilities, or participation in, American Workshop, activities operated, arranged or sponsored by American Workshop either on or off of American Workshop premises by the member, member’s family or guest(s) shall be at such person’s own risk, and American Workshop shall not be liable for any injuries or damages to such person, or the property of such person, or be subject to any claim, demand, injury or damages. The member individually, and on behalf of the member’s personal representative, heirs, administrators, assigns and successors does hereby expressly forever release and discharge American Workshop, its successors and assigns, as well as its officers, agents and employees from all such claims, demand, actions, or causes of action.
Management has the right to suspend and/or terminate any membership for non-payment of dues, fees, or for behavior contrary to the enjoyment of American Workshop by other members and staff for any reason deemed sufficient in the sole discretion of management. Suspension of membership does not change or extend the membership term unless otherwise agreed to in advance, in writing, and with consent of management. 
Any holder of this consumer credit contract is subject to all claims and defenses which the buyer/member could assert against American Workshop, LLC as a result of this contract. Recovery by the buyer/member shall not exceed the total amount paid by the buyer/member to American Workshop, LLC pursuant to this contract. You the buyer may cancel this agreement by midnight of club’s third business day after the date of this agreement, and such cancellation must be in writing to the American Workshop, LLC. In the event American Workshop, LLC closes and ceases doing business, you are no long obligated to make payments under this agreement.
American Workshop occasionally uses photographs of patrons and events in its publications and on its website. I hereby grant permission to the American Workshop to use my photograph on its website or in other official printed publications without further consideration, and I acknowledge their right to crop or treat the photograph at its discretion. Therefore, I agree to indemnify and hold American Workshop harmless from any claims.